159 – Why Customer Loyalty is a Myth

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
May 3, 2023

What does a firm believer in branding and social usefulness think about enhancing the customer experience? 


In this episode, John Sills, author of the “Human Experience,” chats with Daniel about using unpredictable moments to enhance the customer journey and how brand loyalty isn’t based on pure emotion but rather on brand usefulness. 


John breaks down his insights into the increasing levels of customer dissatisfaction despite growing technological advancements and how the best antidote is spending time engaging in customer feedback surveys. 


Plus, how can empathy training programs in businesses increase the customer experience? Tune in to find out!


0:00 Intro

3:38 Customer Loyalty

9:18 Creating a Great Customer Experience

11:36 Being Authentic

13:52 Unpredictability in CX

17:30 Customer Feedback

23:26 Observing Customer Behavior

27:41 Brand Loyalty

29:54 Words of Advice


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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray