Why You Shouldn’t Only Invest in Short-Term Marketing Strategies, with Connor Gross

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
April 12, 2023

We’re taking a dip into the archives and rehashing why e-commerce wiz kid, Connor Gross, knows a thing or two about marketing. Having helped scale numerous eCommerce brands, you can find him finding personal fulfillment in building his podcast empire. 


Connor sits down with Daniel to discuss why great marketing requires patience and how short-term conversion strategies lead to long-term marketing failures. 


Plus, hear why every aspiring marketer should start a side hustle first, why it’s crucial to view marketing from a holistic perspective instead of putting it in a silo, and why hopeful entrepreneurs should tune into Connor’s podcast “The Next Generation” for some A+ marketing advice.


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00:00 Intro

05:15 The Why Behind The Buy

06:46 Believe The Good Deals Are Out There

10:59 Recommendations Before Ad Spend

13:24 Thinking In Increments

14:50 Don’t Stop Showing Up

18:23 Money Isn’t The Only Metric For Success

20:43 Building Sustainability Through Great Content

24:28 Let’s Row In The Same Direction

30:53 Just Get Good At Marketing


Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray