148 – How To Make B2B Content NOT Boring, With Lavender Marketing Team

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
March 28, 2023

Why does content fail to fly? Find out how the Lavender Marketing team is doing B2B a little differently.

Lavender Marketing is the AI email assistant, combining everything you need to easily write emails that get replies.

Daniel is joined by four of the impressive marketing team: Will, Jen, Chelsea, and Todd. They get into why you need to show authenticity when addressing customer pain points through content and how to scale content when you’re growing your impact on social media.

You’ll also hear the team’s view on creating video content that artfully combines education and entertainment.

And thanks to our episode sponsor, Retention. What do brands like Warby Parker, Dr. Squatch, Vital Proteins, and Blendjet all have in common? Retention.com is their highest performing ROAS channel by far. Visit Retention.com to book a demo today.

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Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray