146 – How To Think Differently About B2B Content, With Camille Trent

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
March 22, 2023

When content marketing is constantly evolving, how can you deliver a B2B product that makes an impact?

Camille is the Director of Content and Community at PeerSignal, the free resource that aggregates data, examples, and research for GTM leaders.

Daniel and Camille get straight into talking about treating content as a product, pulling content ideas from your community, and the lessons Camille has learned that go beyond marketing.

Plus you’ll hear Camille’s hot take on why you need to leave your ego at the door when it comes to effective content marketing.

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00:00 Intro

02:07 The Evolving Definition Of Content

07:40 Meeting Your Customer’s REAL Needs

10:59 How To Execute A Great Piece of Content

15:20 A Roadmap With Flexibility 

20:15 Two New Ways To Measure Success

28:15 A Marketing Hill To Die On

31:14 Leaving Ego At The Door

31:49 Advice That’s Bigger Than Marketing

33:32 Everybody Is A Beginner At Something

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray