138 – How To Execute Inclusive SEO, With Rejoice Ojiaku

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
February 9, 2023

How are you thinking about SEO and accessibility?

Meet Rejoice Ojiaku the SEO pro who’s right in the weeds of helping brands make their websites more accessible for everybody. She is also an SEO and Content Strategist at Digitas UK, award-winning diversity and inclusion advocate, and speaker.

Daniel and Rejoice get straight into some SEO hacks you can get started on right away, why it makes sense to design for every type of body, and why SEO is your best long-term strategy.

What do brands like Warby Parker, Dr. Squatch, Vital Proteins, and Blendjet all have in common?

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00:00 Intro

03:01 Get Started With These Hacks

05:13 The Narrative Approach To Content 

07:42 Start Thinking In Formats

09:34 Selling The Benefits Of An SEO Strategy

12:37 SEO As A Long Term Investment

13:33 The Greatest Challenge Right Now

16:40 The AI Accessibility Question

18:55 Designing With Every Body In Mind

20:54 The Marketing Hill I Would Die On


Focus on user experience

Use inclusive language

Consider accessibility

Embrace diversity in your content

Think beyond keywords

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray