132 – How Marketers Can Affect Change and Channel Desire, With Aaron Orendorff

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
January 17, 2023

How do you take audience desire and channel it into action? Aaron Orendorff is the marketer who knows all about affecting change.

Aaron is the Head of Marketing at Recart and former Editor-in-Chief at Spotify Plus.

Daniel and Aaron get straight into conversation discussing his conversion from pastor to marketer, what religion can teach about marketing, and why your job isn’t to create desire – it’s to channel it.

Plus you’ll hear why organic traffic is the tide that lifts all ships and why Aaron believes you need to go slow to go fast when it comes to social.


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00:00 Intro

03:23 The Power Of A Well Delivered Sermon

05:04 Channel, Don’t Create Desire

11:44 Change Life, Gain A Convert

15:15 Bad Decisions Leading To Better Decisisions

17:32 Riding The Endorphin Wave

19:18 The Tide That Lifts All Ships

23:20 Go Slow To Go Fast

24:00 Consistency Is A Superpower

27:35 Perfection Is The Enemy Of Done

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray