Building Community On Social Media In 2023 – Christina Garnett

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
January 4, 2023

Christina Garnett is the Principal Marketing Manager of Offline Community and Advocacy at HubSpot and she’s opening the playbook on community building.

Join Daniel and Christina for this Talkwalker virtual event, where Christina unpacks her 2023 strategy for building engaged communities and how to bridge the gaps between brand and consumer – all signal, no fluff.

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00:00 Intro

07:40 The HubSpot Mission

09:07 Black Friday Conversations That Hit Different

12:19 How Christina Thinks About Community

13:43 Staying Close To Our People

17:46 Creating Touchpoints Of Connection

22:56 Thinking In The Comments

25:12 The Two-Beer Buzz

32:16 The Difference Between Targeting And Community

45:33 Tracking User Culture

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray