127 – How To Execute Brand Performance, With Alexa Kilroy

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
December 22, 2022

From education to Head of Brand at Triple Whale, Alexa’s journey into Marketing is an interesting one. Hear her hot takes on brand performance.

Daniel and Alexa jump straight in talking about Google Ads, why authenticity matters more than what people think of you, and why the psychology of marketing and education go hand-in-hand.

You’ll also hear Alexa’s takes on why Amazon and DoorDash are shaping customer expectations and why it’s time to ditch the fluff.

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00:00 Intro

01:31 Combining Brand And Performance

02:47 Growing Outside The Bubble

06:08 The Psychology of Marketing

09:32 Figuring Out Customer Experience

12:49 Alexa’s Two Marketing Hills

17:29 Creating Authority On Landing Pages

20:50 Becoming Repurposeful

23:05 Getting Into Google Ads

26:12 Who Gives A Shit?

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray