Trung T. Phan – Viral Content (Content Marketing Legends Series)

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
December 15, 2022

Trung T. Phan is the legendary marketer behind hundreds of viral memes and tweets. What he doesn’t know about viral content isn’t worth knowing. 

Join Daniel Murray and Trung for this AirMeet virtual event, where Trung breaks down low and high effort threads, how each tweet in a thread should be shareable, and how to sell great work

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00:00 Intro

03:49 Low Effort Viral

06:22 Pulling The Emotional Strings

09:18 Incorporating The Corporate Into Twitter

11:53 Nail The Headline

15:37 The Hard Work Behind A Thread

22:43 Why Content Creation Might Not Be For You

26:29 Consumer Facing Vs Private Passion

29:54 The Repurposing Formula

31:20 Who Cares Anyway?

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray