Justin Welsh – Content Systems (Content Legends Virtual Series)

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
December 6, 2022

Justin Welsh has been wildly successful in his mission to become a diversified solopreneur. And it all comes down to content.

Join Daniel and Justin at this AirMeet virtual event where Justin unpacks the playbooks he’s created for overcoming friction when creating, how to build out templates, and the secrets to his own success,

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/thejustinwelsh

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00:00 Intro

04:54 The No-Hypothesis Hypothesis

07:35 Starting Out Advice

10:49 The Ideation Starting Point

14:48 Justin’s 10-Step Process

20:36 The Copywriting Template

23:58 Being Cognizant

29:14 Thinking In Concentric Circles

36:04 All Multifaceted

40:24 The Theme

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray