124 – How Shopify Grew to Over 325k+ YouTube Subscribers

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
December 1, 2022

Connor and Tyler Fyfe make the kind of video content that moves the needle on your marketing goals. How? Find out on this high signal episode.

Daniel gets into it with Connor and Tyler as they discuss why you should replace the word ‘algorithm’ with the word ‘audience’, why driving an emotional response is a powerful marketing tool, and how you should consider quality versus quantity.

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00:00 Intro

04:25 Replace Algorithm With Audience

09:25 Why Cutting Back Content Isn’t Always The Best Tactic

12:04 Quantity Or Quality?

14:43 Delivering On The Promise

19:20 The Beast Example

23:02 Content Creation That Demands Action

25:39 Bad Creative Is No Longer An Option

28:26 Where To Place Your Budget

30:42 The Writing Focus

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray