121 – Why You Should Invest in Retention Marketing

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
November 16, 2022

How do brands create a customer experience that feels like private membership? Through Smartrr software. Meet the Founder and CMO.

Smartrr helps DTC brands by creating a seamless checkout and customer portal experience for subscribers. It also empowers teams to be agile and proactive through real-time analytics and customer success tools.

Daniel gets into conversation with Founder and CEO Gabriella Tegen and Shannon O’Boyle, Marketing Director. You’ll hear how this innovative app started with a problem that needed to be solved, how subscription creates brand advocates, and trends to keep an eye on – like giftable subscriptions.

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0:00 Intro

02:27 Next Gen Subscription Apps

07:00 The Right Way to Treat Your Customer

11:18 Creating The Right Functionality For The Job

15:12 Subscription VS Membership

19:39 The Perfect Combination Business Model

23:59 How to Flip Your Funnel

28:24 How to Create Brand Advocates

31:29 Sound Advice

37:51 Who’s Inspiring Smartrr?

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray