120 – The Power of Association Marketing, with Casey Adams

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
November 15, 2022

Casey may be young but he’s gained more marketing knowledge in the last 5 years than operators twice his age.

Daniel and Casey get into the kind of conversation where you’ll want to grab a pen. Crammed full of high-signal, practical takes, Casey shares his thoughts on how to DM influencers, tripling down on video content, and why you should see your brand as a media company.

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0:00 Intro

02:03 Making The Right Associations

07:02 How to DM Influencers

09:18 Creating Instant Connections

13:25 The Most Powerful Way to Market Yourself

16:12 Time to Triple Down 

21:48 Embodying The Entrepreneur Spirit

27:06 Your Podcast As A Media Company

33:16 Just Get Started Already

35:59 Exciting Future Shout Out

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray