112 – Corey Haines Opens The Saas Marketing Playbook

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
October 4, 2022

Corey got the marketing bug at college and hasn’t looked back. Now an SaaS founder and with his own newsletter, he opens up his playbook.

As writer of the Swipe Files, Corey has more than 10k subscribers and growing. He’s also the founder of SwipeWell, a tool dedicated to helping you save, organize, and reference marketing examples so you always have them when you need them most.

Daniel and Corey get into why SEO is a magic tool, why there’s always a danger in averages, and why becoming an independent thinker is the goal.

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0:00 Intro

04:23 The Race to Succeed

07:56 Solving The Annual Subscription Problem

08:26 The Magic of SEO

13:44 Uncovering The Goldmine

16:57 Exposing Your Insides

22:11 Get Everyone Talking

23:20 The Marketing Hill I’d Die On Is…

30:14 The Danger of Averages

30:48 You Can Handle The Truth

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray