110 – Josh Spector: The Secret to Writing Killer Newsletters

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
September 22, 2022

From digital marketing for the Oscars to running his own consultancy business, Josh Spector is a marketer obsessed with great communication.

Josh has always been a writer and now creates his killer newsletter For The Interested, helping creative entrepreneurs grow their audience and business.

He and Daniel talk about the difference between content that’s just shared and content that drives change, why you should always take a value-first approach, and why good marketing is really about serving people.

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0:00 Intro

02:26 Newsletters As Value Delivery

08:31 How to 3X Clicks On Your Ads

11:58 Action is Valuable

16:17 Getting Differentiation

20:28 Don’t Fool Yourself

25:30 Newsletters As A Trend

27:51 Write About What You Want, But Be Specific

28:58 Who I Read

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray