109 – How to win on TikTok with JT Barnett

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
September 20, 2022

How does a former Kelowna Rocket go from pro hockey to pro content creation? Listen into this conversation on the first LinkedIn Live.

In this special episode JT and Daniel answer questions from across the globe, digging into why JT feels so strongly about Tik Tok as a platform for creators, why intention is more important than production values, and why Tik Tok is rolling out a Near You page.

You’ll also hear JT answer audience questions on anything from posting cadence to how Tik Tok is being used as a jobs board.

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Intro: 0:00

Hockey Pro to Content Pro: 2:30

TikTok Teacher: 4:12

Long Term Vs Trend: 5:23

The Second Question You Ask: 10:44

Brands That Inspire: 15:11

Make The Switch: 19:12

Geo-tagging: 28:55

Go Hard For Authenticity: 31:34

Organic Content For The Win: 44:14

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray