108 – Danny Miranda is Taking Over the Podcast Game

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
September 15, 2022

Danny is a podcaster and marketer pushing out hundreds of pieces of content each month. He’s passionate about telling stories and making connections. Discover how he does it all.

Daniel and Danny get into how Danny’s love of psychology and business from an early age lead him to marketing and launching his podcast in 2020. You’ll hear how landing a star guest led to his conversion to video, and how he’s been repurposing content ever since.

You’ll also hear Danny’s take on why every brand should invest in figuring out short form content, and why being a successful creator is a marathon and not a sprint.

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0:00: Intro

02:36: The Repurposing Playbook

06:25: Consume to Create

09:46: Know The People at The Party

13:30: Setting Yourself Up For The Journey

18:04: Ten Year Overnight Success

25:18: Cross Platform Opps For Authors

28:45: One to Watch

31:06: Consistency For Success

32:08: No Limit Mindset

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray