107 – Why Personalization Is The Secret Behind Selling

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
September 13, 2022

Alex Alleyne believes sales marketers thrive when they’re in a growth environment. He also knows how to take sales to the next level and he’s about to open his sales playbook. 

From dropping out of a law degree to getting the selling bug, Alex has always been a natural entrepreneur. Now he’s Director of Sales for EMEA at The Sales Impact Academy and host of the Elite Level podcast.

Daniel and Alex explore how positive mental health starts when you’re doing what you love in an environment that supports you, why picking up the phone is the best sales tool, and why inbound leads require just as much rigor as outbound.

You’ll also hear Alex’s three pillars for measuring success, and why you should attack each day with pace, urgency and design.

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0:00 intro

1:25 Entrepreneur From The Start

6:05 Just Pick Up The Phone

15:40 The Three Core Pillars You Need to Consider

20:08 The Cell Phone Challenge

24:36 A Marketing Hill To Die On

27:47 When Hard Work Just Feels Like Passion

30:41 That One Piece of Advice

34:06 Commit to Mastery

39:04 Who Are You Talking To?

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray