106 – Content Marketing, SEO, And Long Form Blogs, With Tracey Wallace

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
September 8, 2022

Tracey Wallace was a journalist from childhood and hasn’t stopped writing since. There’s not much she doesn’t know about content marketing, check out the latest episode.

As a child Tracey wrote magazines for her neighbors, revealing the activities of the local cats. She also took her red pen to Vogue and Teen Vogue, casting her editorial eye over them both. Now she’s Content Director at Klaviyo and a Workweek creator.

Daniel and Tracey talk about her transition from journalism into content, via tech and retail, the importance of design in content, and how Google Sheets is winning the content repository game.

You’ll also hear Tracey’s spicy take on why content marketing is chaos.

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0:00: Intro

4:41: Battling The Headwinds Through Repurposing

10:20: Long Form Strategy Process

13:48: The Difference Between Reading And Scanning

16:25: The Challenge of Google Drive

18:50: Going Against The Clock

22:44: Content Marketing is Chaos

25:09: All Of Us Are Nicer To People We Trust

30:21: The Internet Might Just Lie

36:46: Experimenting With Content AI

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray