105 – How Ronak Shah is Bridging Marketing And Finance

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
September 1, 2022

Great marketing is one thing, but if it’s not hooked up to a finance strategy your business will suffer. CEO and Co-Founder Ronak Shah, opens his marketing and finance playbook.

Daniel and Ronak, Co-Founder of Obvi, open the conversation discussing why Ronak put accounting on hold to get into the startup space, how to become numb to success and failure, and why, if marketing is a company’s engine, finance is the wheels.

You’ll also hear Ronak’s take on why building sustainably is crucial, and why Facebook is still his go-to platform for customer acquisition.

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0:00: Intro

05:02: What’s the Finance/Marketing Conversation?

07:32: How Attribution is Never a Perfect Science

10:10: Becoming Numb to the Ups and Downs

12:45: Sustainable Business Over Top Line Profit

15:55: Marketing Dynamism

17:17: Facebook – the Hill Ronak Would Die On

23:58: Experience as Nostalgia

26:25: And Relaaaax

27:34: The One Thing Ronak Would Tell You

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray