104 – How Jay Clouse is Breaking Down The Secrets to Creator Success

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
August 30, 2022

Jay Clouse is unlocking the secrets for creators. He shares the tools, strategies and mindset needed to excel. Find out what Jay knows.

Daniel and Jay dive straight in, discussing how Jay discovered entrepreneurship, why people learn from people, and why great content is the best product.

You’ll also hear Jay’s takes on getting specific with messaging, and why creators need to get serious about what they do.

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00:00 Intro

01:34 Not The Having-a-Boss Type

04:14 People Follow People

05:13 Content IS Your Product

11:03 Why You Need To Dig Into The Specifics

13:35 What’s Your Mission?

16:43 Manager VS Creator

22:04 Back Yourself, Do What Helps

22:25 The Best Marketing Book You’ll Own

23:58 Make It Feel Native

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray