103 – How Katie Momo’s Copywriting Made $12 Million Dollars in Sales

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
August 25, 2022

How does a jewelry designer go from writing a few emails to helping her clients make multi-million dollar sales? Katie Momo is one of the most talented copywriters out there.

Daniel and Katie dive straight into how she started out as an odd-job marketer, why focussing on features is death to sales copy, and why customer research is the marketing hill she’d die on.

You’ll also hear Katie’s spicy take on why the best copy isn’t written, it’s found.

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00:00 Intro

03:44 Your Fancy Tech Isn’t Your Selling Point

10:04 Personality Driven Marketing

13:39 Customer Research is The Hill I’d Die On

14:18 The Best Copy Isn’t Written

23:05 How You Can Learn From The Best

28:13 Finding Katie

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray