94 – Jay Baer: Why Speed is The Greatest Challenge Facing Companies and How Marketers Can Help

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
July 14, 2022

From his first job giving prison tours to becoming one of the greatest marketers operating right now, tapping into Jay Baer’s brain is like having your own set of marketing playbooks.

Jay got into the internet before it really existed and has stayed ahead of the curve ever since. Join Daniel and Jay as they get into why speed is becoming a necessity in customer experience and marketing, how you should think about creating content, and the importance of talking to customers.

You’ll also hear why Jay believes marketers should spend far more time focussing on customer retention and not just customer acquisition.

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0:00 intro

0:16 Don’t Kid Yourself

03:16 The First Internet

03:47 The Two Smart Things Jay Baer Did

09:36 Opposite of Logical

18:00 Customers In The Wild

26:27 Tequila/Insta Disection

31:37 One Thing Jay Baer Would Tell You

34:30 Who to Pay Attention To

35:16 How to Create Great Content

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray