85 – How to Play The Marketing Long Game With Connor Gross

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
May 12, 2022

Connor Gross doesn’t just talk marketing, he lives it. Meet the ultimate entrepreneur who, when he’s not scaling eCommerce brands, is building his podcast empire.

Marketing success can be summed up in one word: consistency. But playing the long game requires patience. Connor Gross can tell you exactly why it pays off.

Daniel and Connor get into conversation on what it was like learning from great marketers like Dave Gerhardt and Mike Volpe, what not to do when starting an eCommerce business, and why every marketer needs a side hustle.

You’ll also hear about Connor’s latest venture creating ready-to-race car artwork, why he’s investing in Self Storage, and his podcast: The Next Generation, where he talks to entrepreneurs and other highly successful people all in their 20s.

Dive in and meet the entrepreneur and marketer who turns side hustles into money spinners.

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00:00 Intro

05:15 The Why Behind The Buy

06:46 Believe The Good Deals Are Out There

10:59 Recommendations Before Ad Spend

13:24 Thinking In Increments

14:50 Don’t Stop Showing Up

18:23 Money Isn’t The Only Metric For Success

20:43 Building Sustainability Through Great Content

24:28 Let’s Row In The Same Direction

30:53 Just Get Good At Marketing

Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray