How You Can Improve Conversion Rates Now:Conversion rate rocket fuel: 

The process of implementing this tool is SO straightforward you’re going to want to do it like right after this email. 

Before, Marketing teams could spend most of their efforts on increasing the top of the funnel with paid advertising, media, and content.  

Alas, times have changed. Budgets are getting cut. Hiring is frozen. Every dollar spent on Marketing is being scrutinized. 

So what are us Marketers doing more of? Thinking about how to convert our leads more efficiently. Turning leads into ACTUAL pipeline and revenue, AND speeding up the sales cycle. 

And guess what? I have a tool I use to do EXACTLY this. 

Marketing Bestie, meet Calendly, some call it an online appointment scheduling software, I call it a Marketer’s best friend. 

Okay but back to the nitty gritty, conversion rates, driving revenue, being a BEAST of a Marketer. There are a few ways you can think about improving your conversion rates. 

High level view:  

With Calendly, you have your very own meeting link. Erase all the back and forth emails trying to find meeting times that work for you AND your prospects. Meetings booked, deals closed, your sales cycle is streamlined with you guessed it, Calendly.  

Easily keep prospects engaged with pre AND post-meeting automations that send reminders and follow-ups for you. Yeah, for you.  

With your current funnel you’re saying goodbye to potential customers. With Calendly, say goodbye to the competition. 

The journey: 
Enter your email -> Connect your Calendly with your calendar 
Choose your available meeting times -> Customize your meeting goals 
Your very own Calendly linked is published -> Share your link on socials and in emails 
Increase Booked Meetings (no more friction of schedule coordinating) -> Meetings Ran (Stick Rate) 
Increase Meetings Ran -> Increased Qualified Opportunities  
Increase Qualified Opportunities -> Sales  
Shortened Sales Cycle -> Everyone’s happy 

A massive problem businesses face in 2023 is a leaky funnel. Your funnel will make or break your efforts. 

Usually the 2 leaky parts of the funnel I like to focus on: 

Reducing the steps between intros and booking meetings. The less friction in the funnel, the better. Calendly is a great way to remove all back-and-forth communication between you and prospects, NO MORE FRICTION. No more awkward reminder emails or tedious follow-ups. 

Decreasing time wasted on non-quality and non ideal customer profile leads for SDRs and AEs. Us Marketers only have so much time in the day, we can’t be messing around with non-qualified leads. Fear not, Calendly allows you to build out booking forms to qualify leads. Now this is what I call efficiency. 

Get more booked meetings: 

The secret to getting (many) more booked meetings: REDUCING FRICTION (remove the amount of steps a prospective buyer needs to take). 

^^ This is a powerful exercise in becoming buyer-centric, not-seller centric.  

The 1st way you can remove steps? (thank you so much for asking!) 

Give buyers a chance to book a meeting without the pain of back-and-forth emails distracting you while you’re in the middle of trying to connect your FB and IG brand accounts. 

You can simply share your Calendly link with them. After a prospective buyer fills out a form (if you want to qualify potential leads), a calendar pops out for them to book time directly on the sales rep’s calendar. This lets your buyers book a time that works for them. 

Why is this so effective? One, it ensures meetings get booked, especially inbound leads.Two, it reduces steps in the process. Three, it increases your book meetings.
Hey Marketing Bestie,

There are 2 big levers you can pull in marketing (at the simplest level). 

You can increase the number of leads (widen the top of the funnel). You can convert those leads more efficiently (move leads down the funnel).

Today we’re going to chat about how to improve your conversion rate (option 2).
 Let’s turn qualified prospects into buyers. No looky loos. No revenue left on the table. No fights between Marketing and Sales.  

It shouldn’t take days to coordinate a meeting with your prospects. It should be INSTANT. 

Hit me up with any questions. I am clearly a Calendly super-fan and I can’t wait for you to try it out yourself. Thank you for reading! And, for not fighting with your sales team.  

Your friend,
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
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