I have spent the better half of the last 4 days experimenting, observing, and memeing (just made that word up) on Meta’s new app, Threads. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, I highly recommend it. New social media platforms are always hectic and I know your Marketing team is scrambling to build some buzz. After ~25 hours spent on Threads and 12,100+ followers (my screen time is embarrassing right now my screen time is always embarrassing), I’ve learned a thing or 2 and want to share them with you. Let’s get into the basics of handling a new social media platform and how you can apply this to your brand. 

1️⃣. Social Proof
New platforms are tough. With Threads launching there are so many questions. What’s the content style that performs well? Is this a more buttoned-up platform like LinkedIn? Does humor crush, like on Twitter and TikTok? Is this a platform for long form content, like YouTube? Nobody knows. But there is one thing that translates across ALL social media platforms: social proof. When putting together your makeshift strategy for Threads do one thing first, find all of your top performing posts on your other brand accounts. Not the ones who got a few extra likes than usual, the ones that POPPED off. Whether you have 1, 10, or 30 of them, you need them in your artillery when starting on Threads. Then repurpose them for Threads. Their success on other platforms is a great indicator that the focus of the post resonated with your audience and there is a good chance they will perform well on Threads (or any new platform).
2️⃣. Getting Scrappy
It is rare that a new social media platform launches AND captures millions of users within days. Threads is a modern day Gold Rush. A blank canvas, and your brand is the paint. Attention is one of the world’s scarcest resources and for the next few weeks, all eyes will be on Threads, so it’s VITAL to capitalize now. There are no clear recipes for growing an audience on Threads, but one thing’s for sure on ALL social media platforms, when you have a smaller following you need to be scrappy. If you want to grow, you need to comment on the bigger accounts in your niche and start conversations. You need to go the extra mile to get your brand in front of more people. With Threads, spend 20 minutes finding the biggest accounts in your niche and/or interests and follow them. Your timeline will then be full of relevant accounts with bigger followings of your target audience. Use their platform as an opportunity to get your brand in front of more people in your target audience. However much you might think you need to be commenting and engaging with other brands, do it twice that amount.  It’s the wild west out there right now, move quickly.
3️⃣. Try New Things
It’s not often that as a brand you can experiment and try new things on social media. This is the hidden benefit of having a smaller following, if you experiment with a new post style or tone and it performs well then great! Then you can bring that content to other platforms too! But if it doesn’t perform well, no worries, because you have small following nobody will see it. Oh, and post post post. Take as many shots on net as you can, this will speed up your learning process. The quicker you can learn what content doesn’t resonate on the platform, the quicker you can provide your community with content that does resonate. There is high upside and minimal risk with starting fresh on a new platform. Treat Threads as an experiment, an opportunity to improve as a Marketing department, and a place to connect with new people. 
4️⃣. You
Within 45 hours we were able to hit 10,000 followers on Threads. I was STOKED. But we couldn’t have done any of it without you. We were lucky to start on Threads with an already thriving community of Marketing Besties who all love a good Marketing meme or 10. Yet in these 4 days I saw a massive opportunity for brands and community building on Threads. So we are using Threads as a way to get more intimate with our Marketing Besties, and we encourage you to do the same with your community. 
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
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