Your favorite shirt, you can picture it, you know exactly where you got it, you’re so proud to wear it, it makes your eyes pop, hell you’re probably even wearing it right now. 

We all have one, but how did we get to that point? 

Brands.  Brands are what push us to add to cart, brands are what keep us coming back, brands are why we tumble dry on low.
Today’s lesson is all about a brand entering one of the most saturated markets in the world and laying the foundation for their future. 

Unparalleled TikTok execution, messaging, and top to bottom funnel strategy separate this brand from the rest. The anticipation is killer, right? Fine I’ll let you in on the secret… Today’s brand of focus is Trikko.

Founded by two Moroccan brothers, Trikko is a streetwear brand that will have you taking notes. If you stumbled upon Trikko’s TikTok, you’d see a living breathing gallery showcasing all of their newest releases.  

Each video is shot in the same setting, with the same cadence, and the same format. Consumers know what to expect.  The profile as a whole is cohesive, each aspect is intentional. And every video is centered around one common theme, Trikko’s website.
When building a social media strategy, you have to identify your competitive advantage. 

What is your USP? Why should someone follow you over the next brand? Trikko’s website is one of a kind. It’s rarely live, and the only way you can access it is through a password. How do you get that password? We’ll touch on that later. 

Trikko knows their website is what separates them from the crowd. There’s no other streetwear brand keeping this low of a profile on their drops.

So they reinforce this with CTAs on every facet of their TikTok, whether it’s in the video, in their bio, or in the comment section – everything drives consumers back to their website. On top of that, they’re consistent.

Trikko posts one video per day, highlighting a different piece of their upcoming drop. One of the surest ways to guarantee success on social, is showing up every day. That’s TikTok execution 101.

TikTok is Trikko’s top of funnel awareness for the brand and their CTAs drive consumers to their site, which is where their journey down the funnel begins. 

When you visit their site you’re faced with nothing but a box to put in a password, as if you were trying to check your 401k balance. If you don’t have the password, you’re prompted with a ‘Join waitlist’ form to put your name and email on. 

By giving them your email, you will be notified of new drops and given the password to the site. Genius.

Trikko is taking their following off-platform. They’re no longer fighting with other brands for your attention, because now they’re in your inbox. 

Algorithm proof and an owned asset, email can be a massive lever. But let’s dive into this deeper. How did they get you to cough up your email? A blend of mystery and FOMO.

Trikko is able to grab your attention with a little mystery behind the brand, leaving out some details, not disclosing the full story. In their bio they have the date May 14th, with a CTA to join their waitlist.  

With no explanation of the date other than a relation to the waitlist, there is an indication of a limited time offer that instills urgency. That’s how they pique your interest. Then they capitalize on your interest and get you in their ecosystem by leveraging FOMO.

The pain of losing is twice as powerful as the joy of winning. When consumers see there’s a chance of missing out on something, this innate loss aversion kicks in. 

Trikko’s password locked website is a walled garden that only a limited set of consumers have access to. If you don’t put in your email, you can’t join the elite club that is, Trikko. Now that’s how you leverage psychology in your Marketing.
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray
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